Friday, 19 October 2012

Greetings from the Masai Mara ... and more specifically Saruni Camp ... which is owned by my very dear friend Riccardo Orizio. 

So - over a decade ago, Riccardo and I occasionally worked the night-shift at an evil American broadcaster in London. We used to plan our futures ... he would open a luxury safari lodge in Kenya and I would film a luxury travel television show! Guess what - dreams DO come true!

Anyway - flew from Loisaba - after a sad farewell to Kirsty and Fupi - to the Mara - one hour away.

It was then an hour drive to Saruni. On the way - we did not film - but we did see EVERYTHING ... from cheetah and wildebeest to zebra and dinosaurs (!) ...

The Camp opened in 2003 ... it has 7 one-bed cottages and MY 2-bed Family House! There's a spa, shop, dining room and fabulous views. Tomorrow is all about Mara!

Song of the Day: Sunny Tales - Sunlounger

 Sarikoki -- The friendly Eland
 With dear Riccardo
Riccardo and Camp Manager - Henrietta
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