Monday, 8 October 2012

There is a God. One story really grabbed me today- from Uganda. A lioness had just caught & devoured a female Ugandan Kob (antelope), was covered in blood and looking quite pleased with herself when the Kob's fawn came looking for her now digested mother.

Rather than eating the fawn for dessert, the lioness took pity on her and led her away to safety. If you don't believe me: ... I usually can't verify the accuracy of the journalism from this newspaper BUT I am really hoping the photographs and words from this non-Mail photojournalist are true.

James Bond madness is upon us ... yes ... 50 years of Bond (how funny that his face changes every few years - he's like Madonna!). Many hotels are offering "James Bond" packages ... i.e. our hotel is on Bond Street - stay here or on St James - stay here or we once had an Aston Martin drive past our door so - stay here ...

It's all going too far though - Mr Bond used to drink Dom Perignon and Martini (shaken not stirred) - now he drinks Heineken beer. He used to drive an Aston Martin but recently drove a Ford ... and now there's a 007 after-shave! Really??!!

C'mon ladies and gentlemen - if your partner splashed on 007 after-shave, surely you would question his sanity ... or taste? I know of just one person who would fall for this product ... and no, it's not Tim the Cameraman ...

Song of the Day: I Need a Dollar - Aloe Blacc (in honour of the producers of 007 after-shave)

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