Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Greetings from Raffles on the island of Praslin ...

OK - I am totally wiped out this evening so the Diary will be short and sweet.


Haha! Only joking ... but yes ... I need sleep. My ears hurt ... I am sniffling ... and my body hates me.

Up early on Denis Island to cook with the General Manager (and celebrity chef) Jean-Paul Barallon. Was very pleased to see his taste is shirts is similar to mine! Ha! He has a fabulous story. His Grandmother had 18 children by 18 different men! He comes from Praslin ... so statistically, if he ran a political race, his "family" alone would mean an easy ride to the top! Can you imagine how big that family is??????

From Denis we popped back to Mahe to interview Michael Adams ... the greatest living artist in the Indian Ocean. He - with his adorable wife Heather - have a studio & home near actually the Four Seasons. They have dogs, cats, chickens ... all rescued and he paints, draws & sketches. A truly lovely and happy family!

Finally we flew the 15 minutes to Praslin ... and drove 30 minutes to the resort where I am now. It's quite contemporary and I can't wait to start filming in the morning!
Jean-Paul - chef, General Manager and shirt-guru!
Red snapper ... yum!
Resort PR - Natalie - with her favourite champagne!
Denis Island
A piece of Michael's work

The great man himself!
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