Friday, 1 April 2011

Greetings from Heathrow T5. In a few minutes I am flying to Paris and then on to the Seychelles. I am meeting James in Paris .... and Tim in the Seychelles ... this is the first time there is no start of trip "team photo" ... quite distressing!

ANYWAY - I have internet and it's speedy - so FINALLY I can talk about Heinrich Heidersberger. He was a German photographer - arguably the most famous to have ever come from the home of Leica (!) ... born 1906 - died 2006.

He was noted for his architectural photography.

His legacy - the Institute - is located in Wolfsburg Castle in Germany. Last week I was given a show n' tell by it's curator - Bernd Rodrian. He showed me through the archives. Heidersberger was a genius ... his rhythmograms are superb!

One thing I love about his work is his addition of clouds! Yes - blue skies needed clouds so he added them! He even had a "clouds library"!

Anyway - I have shared now ... so I better get onto my flight!

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