Friday, 31 December 2010

dear mr charles lotter and even dearer ms julia record
even in france - no new contact was made!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! no wait ... that's tomorrow. Erm - HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE! hmm ... that doesn't have a ring to it does it? Basically, happy last day of the year and end to 2010.

I remember watching that Kubrick movie 2010 in the last century (not THAT one - c'mon, I am not THAT old) and strangely enough, nothing from that movie has come vaguely true - space travel wise. How disappointing ...

I have been rather busy today which means that I am generally exhausted and will sleep like a baby tonight ... and definitely will be in bed before midnight.

Anyway, I have visitors including the lovely Julia Record (my ex-PR) and we are going to drink champagne ... just try stopping me! grrrr ...

More tomorrow - obviously - but I hope everyone has a lovely evening ... and remembers everything they did & said in the morning! Ha!
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