Thursday, 23 December 2010

the bear (claire)
the sheep (blue)

And on the second day before Xmas, Blackberry sent me a new phone (why not the Tablet? boohoo) ... and this has meant a wasted few hours shaving my fingers even further to be able to hit the keys. What a pain ... literally ...

Apparently, it hit - 20 last night somewhere in the UK! Poor sheep, that's all I can say! I did see a lovely photo of "blue" sheep ... painted so as to spot them in a white field.

Today I say farewell to one of the nicest (& hardworking) people in PR and indeed life - Claire Blackshaw - aka Claire Bear - who has moved hotels from the Four Seasons, Hampshire to Hong Kong! Hong Kong's gain is my loss ... farewell Bear and see you in Honkers!

Up early tomorrow as I will be buying some heating oil - I joke not! Next year I am going to be in a resort right over Xmas and New Year AND don't try stopping me! I am going to be looked after hand & foot ... (in my dreams, of course!)
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