Monday, 13 December 2010

Travel Channel UK: Friday, 17th December 21.00 hrs

Travel Channel Asia: Tuesday, 21st December 21.00 hrs

Travel Channel Germany: Wednesday 22nd December 20.15 hrs

The show has started airing in Europe in 16 languages ... Wednesday evenings at 20.00hrs ... this week I am "in" Tasmania! And New Zealand is airing the new series on Sundays at 18.30 hrs ... AND in India it's on at 20.00 hrs on a Saturday ... coo ... that's a lot of spread there!

I was asked today what I wanted for Xmas. Well, there's no chance of World Peace or a signed photo of Cathy Dennis (teenage crush! ha!) and I don't want an iPad or anything like that ... so, erm ... what is there? I bought my car some snow-chains today - I hope it is happy when the snow returns this weekend.

I could hardly see out of the windows today - freezing fog has gripped the area. I may have to sit at home tonight with a hot drink and maybe watch some nice holiday show on television ... I wonder what ... ha!

Ah - I am visiting Budapest in January now ... can't wait!

Parliament Building in Winter ...
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