Saturday, 4 December 2010

The closest I will ever get to Harvard University! Yes - I took a trip over the Charles River to smell the aroma of students. I was disappointed to see hoards of students looking studious or sporty ... none looking hungover or suffering from the excesses of life. How times have changed. Maybe watching "Animal House" is no longer a Fresher Week standard!

Harvard - pretty. Also, found a superb Curious George book & DVD store ... the highlight of my day!
My suite ... 1-bedroom with views
The Four Seasons bed ... my "second" bed ...
The view from my bed! I sleep with curtains open so I have got to see sunrises and sunsets ... lovely.
Boston is famed for its antique shops - this one's name made me chuckle.
I am a nerd. There I said it. Any city that has a science or space museum has a definite visitor in me. The Boston Museum of Science is a truly AWFUL experience. It costs $21 per adult entry and for that HUGE sum, you get three floors of unoriginal rubbish.

A replica of a Gemini space capsule --- a lifesize model of a fighter used in Star Wars (surely science fiction???) - some very sad looking monkeys in a cage - it was a depressing 1-hour waste of my life. London's Science Museum is cheaper to visit and 1 trillion times better.

Oh - and the photo above? What is a multi-purpose spoon? I used it to stir my tea (success) but also tried it out as a jet fighter (failure) ... sadly, it snapped when I stood on it ... multi-purpose? ... pah!
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