Thursday, 2 December 2010

As I was coming in to land at Boston Airport this evening, the Captain announced, over the PA system, that Russia had won the bid for the 2018 soccer World Cup. No-one stirred ... no-one cared ...

So, England wasted £15 million putting the bid together (£15 MILLION!!!!) but I think the decision may have saved the country countless more millions ... I know that some people back home are crying into their breakfast cereal but have we not learnt ANYTHING from the Olympics 2012? Original budget ... £4 billion ... now nearly £9 BILLION! 2012 World Tiddly-Winks is a much safer/wiser bet.

I seem upset. Well, I am. We sat at the gate (in the plane) for 3.5 HOURS today at Heathrow - we were one crew down and there was not enough anti-freeze to go round. Appalling ... BA ... blooming awful ...

And last night I was forced to sleep at a hotel in Heathrow rather than at my parents ... due to lack of salt/grit for the roads!!! Grrrrrrrrr!!!!

OK - now I am content again ... I am in Boston ... more on that tomorrow ...

My BIGGEST problem of the day centres around Ketchup. Until today, Heinz ruled ... but I am scared/worried/pleased to announce that Heinz is dead ... long live ... Sir Kensington's "gourmet scooping" ketchup! This is surely THE best ketchup in the world - it tastes of tomato ... not too much vinegar and it leaves a fresh tingle on the tongue ... yumyum! You heard it here first!

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