Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Bonjour a Cannes!

I am finally in a South-of-France-State-of-Mind. The weather is still rather dreary & depressing(cold, windy and grey) but I have achieved much today and am feeling quite pleased with myself.

I have caught up with old friends from: Halekulani, Elsyian, The Oyster Box, many Four Seasons, Sonora Resort (ahhhh) & many Ritz-Carltons & Peninsulas AND have sorted out a few hotels/resorts and features for 2011 AND 2012. Phew!

Every evening during ILTM there are parties. These parties are quite interesting as the cultural diversity is huge. The outfits that some/many deem appropriate in Russia (for instance) don't work here in Cannes ... or coming to think of it, anywhere else in the world.

No-one likes my Avoca scarves though ... I LOVE them ... so there.

I think I have agreed to become a "friend of the Seychelles" ... forty people from around the world have been appointed travel ambassadors for these islands ... and I believe I am now one of them ... It's a great honour and a responsibility too ... also a wonderful destination for my future holidays! Haha!

Oh - my hotel sent up a bottle of champagne yesterday. Sadly, I am waiting for what I REALLY want ... a bottle of ... water! My minibar is one of these automatic charging things ... worryingly, I have pulled out a few bottles to look at them ... I hope I am not charged for reading the labels ... but knowing my luck ...

I am not going to drink my champagne ... by the way ... anyone want it?

I am exhausted but have one more night of partying ... I mean networking ... here I go!!!

I like them! I do! In fact, I LOVE them! So there ...
The Palais during the Film Festival

Seychelles ... hmmmmmmmmmmm
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