Thursday, 7 June 2012

Why am I staying at an airport tonight? I am certainly not flying anywhere today ...!

The reason why are ... meetings!

Yes - I am one of those people who you see driving around in a Ford Mondeo (not exactly), meeting at budget motorway hotels (not exactly), selling bath-taps (not exactly). All of the people I need to meet have to fly through airports and as it happens, all THREE of them are doing so at Heathrow today ... so this seems to be the best place for me to be!

Airport hotels are mighty lonely places though ...

Saying that, the one in Johannesburg that I stayed in with the boys last week was rather nice ... excellent cuisine and I could smoke a large cigar in my suite!

I have just had a cunning plan ... will tell all tomorrow ...

By the way - there are hurricane winds a-blowing outside ... yuk ...

Where I would like to be right now. Care to join me?
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