Friday, 8 June 2012

I have no issues spending time with myself.

I travel by myself (a good book & music helps), I often eat by myself in restaurants (a good book helps), I go for long walks by myself - sandy beaches preferably (music helps), I go to concerts by myself (alcohol helps), I wake up by myself (music helps) and - like last night - I often go to the cinema by myself! It has to be said though, that I REALLY wish I hadn't gone to the cinema by myself ...

The original "Alien" movie tag was "in space no-one can hear you scream" ... for "Prometheus" it should have been "be with friends to ask them what the hell is going on ... and maybe hold your hand when the blood runs". Charlize Theron made the movie for me (!) ... the rest was quite disappointing! I should have taken a book ...

I have just reread "Down to a Soundless Sea" by Thomas Steinbeck (son of John) ... a truly wonderful tome.

Back from the airport ... but I am there - albeit Gatwick - on Sunday for a filming trip to Marrakesh! The two hotels are confirmed - La Mamounia ... and The Four Seasons ... quite different ... and we have a whole bunch of features planned ... some of which may "take my breath away" ... whatever that means!


At The Fullerton in Singapore ... I had my own elevator/lift with my own armchair ... how cool was that?!
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