Sunday, 3 June 2012

I am NOT a fan of ANY royal family ... I think the whole concept of "royalty" is totally & utterly ridiculous and absurd.

Whether I like it or not, the monarchy in the UK is here to stay and if I had to single out one member who actually deserves our respect, it is the Queen. She cannot be blamed for the behaviour of her family ... and she takes & gives in equal measure.

So if you & I had worked for the same company for 60 years, we would get a pat on the back and a carriage clock ... she has been gifted a big day (or 4) out!

She recently visited one of my favourite places in the whole world - Skibo Castle in Scotland.

I have never had a better service experience than that at Skibo ... and Skibo has THE greatest indoor swimming pool (amazing) I have ever dipped in and a golf course I dream about.

It is run by my very dear friend Peter Crome who has just become a movie star.

The new Ken Loach film - The Angel's Share - is all about single malt whisky and if you head to the trailer .... .... and freeze on time-code 1'13" you will see Peter ...! Oscar glory beckons ...

Am feeling better ... have two more days of this extra long weekend and am hoping to get out tomorrow!

The Queen visits Skibo Castle ...   
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