Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I love music ... just love it. OK - so my favourite genre is the 80s ... Simple Minds, Go West, Level 42, The Cure etc ... and both my BlackBerry (yes, I still refuse to have anything to do with Apple) and my Sony MP3 player is filled to the brim with the kind of music that is so old that it only appears on good old CD (with the odd bit of vinyl thrown in).

Today I did a lot of driving and I was overrun with Funboy Three (!) and Wham and Madness ... yes, the ultimate driving music. I pity the chap who parked next to me in the traffic jam known as the M3 who had to listen to my rendition of "Our House" sans Suggs ...

A couple of years ago, I stopped the "song of the day" ... but today it has risen from the ashes ...

SO - the song of the day is ....

Madness - Driving in my Car

(the video starts with the AWESOME "The Dark Knight Rises" trailer)

 Barcelona (no music in this car!)
Abu Dhabi
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