Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The shortest day of the year and to be honest, it wasn't short enough. I got stuck in a 2 and a half hour traffic jam which meant I wasted most of my day sitting in my car listening to the doom & gloom that is currently our world. In fact, several times when the "news at the top of the hour" came on, I switched over to a French channel ... and you know, even though I am sure it wasn't, it seemed so much better!

Racism in sport (really?? who would have believed it??), riots in Egypt and Syria (ugh!!), markets down (again!!), big business let off tax bills (really??), North Korea (!!), Piers Stefan O'Meara (aka Piers Morgan - ugh!!) and news that Scottish people eat deep fried butter (1450 calories per ball) ... all dominated the news agenda ... not even one rescued cat-up-tree story!

Tomorrow is (hopefully) going to be a wonderful new day!

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