Saturday, 10 December 2011

It's been my official day of rest ... and I have not left the house ... and have spent the day in my spotty pyjamas. I did watch a news piece this morning announcing that the onesie is back in fashion ... I am therefore happy to admit that I have had one in bright red for over a decade now ... not to wear around the house ... but as my "fancy dress party" outfit - where I go as Hrundi V Bakshi - the Peter Sellers character from The Party - one of the funniest movies ever made ... I also carry a bowl of nibbles with "Num Num" written on the side it ...

It's almost Xmas which means many-an-Xmas cartoon on and today it was The Simpsons. There's a fabulous episode in which Bart opens up a casino in his treehouse and kidnaps Robert Goulet to entertain ... and the immortal lines are sung:

Jingle Bells
Batman Smells
Robin laid an egg
Batmobile, lost its wheels
Joker got away - hey ...

I have been humming that all day now!

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