Monday, 19 December 2011

I am a PC. Yes - I ordered a new laptop today and I was not even tempted by one of those crunchy-fruity "user-friendly" as-soon-as-you-buy-it-it's-out-of-date machines!

So at lunchtime (beans on toast Varun-style ... with fried onions and grated mature Cheddar - yum) I had the choice - the news (death, destruction, misery, gloom), a soap opera (death, destruction, misery, gloom) or the superb "Muppets take Manhattan". I haven't watched a Muppet-movie for years and I tell you what, they are awesomely funny ...

Miss Piggy to Joan Rivers " ... my Frog (sic - Kermit) has turned on me ... "
Joan Rivers to Miss Piggy " ... yes, my tuna was a bit off at lunchtime too ... "

How I laughed ... also Miss Piggy and Joan Rivers on the same screen - I couldn't tell one from the other.

My workload for 2012 is becoming ever-greater! HELP!
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