Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Varun and the guys are currently on a flight to Mauritius to film the last episode of this 6th series of Inside Luxury Travel with Varun Sharma. 

My mind began to wander today (it does so quite often) and whilst looking down at my soapy hands for some reason I began to think about the pleasure that bubbles can bring... 

It can be the bubbles of the washing-up liquid that help to get everything to sparkle again, or blown though a plastic hoop as a child to create enormous bubbles that reflect all the colours of light.  Maybe the relaxing bubbles in a nice foamy bath which could be perfectly complimented by a glass of nice bubbly champagne - now that's very Inside Luxury Travel!   Or you can just leave your troubles behind, switch off your phone and take yourself off to live life in your own little "bubble" for a while - many luxury holiday destinations pride themselves on offering this type bubble perfection.  Whatever your personal preference, I reckon there is a perfect bubble type out there for everyone.

I'm off to my bubble.

Emma - Show Producer
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