Sunday, 11 November 2012

I am not a dedicated follower of fashion ... I follow only one fashion ... Robert Graham (of course) but I am staying in the most "fashionable" hotel in Dubai ... The Armani.

There are a huge number of "luxury" hotels in Dubai ... and I could only choose two for the show. I went with my usual "service is king" marking system and both my chosen properties come out at the top ...

The Armani hotel opened in April 2010 (the one in Milan opened this year) ... features 120 rooms and suites ... and is located on the first 39 floors of the world's tallest tower - the Burj Khalifa.

The hotel is run by Jason Harding - who I met nearly a decade ago in Wales (a country in the UK) ... he's very smart and I think we maybe running a Marathon together next year! He doesn't know this yet ...

The hotel is totally designed by Giorgio Armani ... and after much pondering, I don't actually own ANY of his clothing, designs or furnishings  ... so no conflict of interest there!

Everything here is "Armani brown" ... with splashes of cream, grey and black. There is a fair bit of branding ... but not enough to brainwash you! It may be designed but its remarkably comfortable ... especially a HUGE sofa in my living room.

Yes, all the soaps, shower gels etc are ALL Armani ... 

There are 7 restaurants ... haute cuisine Indian, Japanese and Italian ... plus bars ...

There's a spa (massage booked this evening!) ... outdoor pool ... and gym.

The hotel overlooks the Dubai Mall (largest in world) and the HUGE water complex that features the Fountain show ... every 30 minutes from 6 pm. Huge jets of water, light, colour and music fill the sky ... and it's on par with the "light show" in Hong Kong.

I am on the 39th floor with a stunning view over the water and show! Lucky me!

Jack is looking rather pale ... he needs a bit of sun ... tomorrow he will hopefully get some.  Tim is looking less pale ... and some sun will help him too ...

Song of the Day: Dedicated Follower of Fashion - The Kinks

Film of the Day: The Party - directed by Blake Edwards ... starring Peter Sellers (birdie num-num) - a Sharma-family favourite!

This bed is JUST big enough for me!
With Jason at his "office"
With our wonderful, lovely & caring Armani PR mothers: Shona and Vivian

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