Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Today I caught a 143 pound (65 kg) yellow-fin tuna ... all by myself!
With the owner of Sportfisher - Jean-Paul d'Unienville ... helping me hold up MY catch ... a rather large Thunnus Albacarescus ... JP & crew ... FABULOUS!
Up at 5 am - met the boys, the Executive Chef of the resort - Igor Maurizio and Marc (GM)
We went out onto the Ocean and admired the dolphins, drank tea and zzzzz'd!
Suddenly - boom - a line snagged and I was in the "fighting chair"!
For 15 minutes I was fighting, sweating, heaving and reeling ...
I was doused in cold water to cool me down ... the sun was HOT!
After a full 25 minutes, I finally landed the beast!
And then collapsed in exhaustion! It was not fun!
Then we returned to the resort where Igor showed me how to prepare a delicious fish (tuna) rougaille ... a kind of arriabata with ginger! Very nice! We celebrated the day with champagne ... of course!

Brilliant, brilliant - BRILLIANT day!

Song of the Day: Fisherman's Blues - The Waterboys

Film of the Day: The Big Blue (one of my Top 5)
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