Friday, 2 November 2012

A mushroom is a fungus yet we revere and eat it as if it were chocolate!

Here in Majorca, they LOVE mushrooms and forage around the hills for the finest fungi to be used in their cooking.

Well, this morning I met up with Maria Bisbal Coll and her niece Rosalia Andreu who are both renowned chefs here on the island. They run the Restaurante Can'antuna in the village of Fornaultx. The island's top chefs, international celebrities and even royalty line up to eat there.

I was invited to forage with Maria and Rosalia ... and then enjoy one of their mushroom dishes - along with one from the Executive Chef of the hotel - Gregory Goulot ...

SO - up early, we bounded up the Serra Tramontana mountain range to forage for local mushrooms that can only be found in September/October and very early November.

We picked esclata-sangs, ceps, porcini and champignons ... (I think) ... a WHOLE basket-full. It was great fun ... and I did get dirty! It is NOT easy finding mushrooms ... especially ones that are edible ... but we did it!

We headed back to the hotel where we lunched on a chicken/rice/vegetable "soup" and a yummy mushroom (swamped in garlic butter & orange peel & parsley & hazelnuts) with Soller prawns ... washed down with a red wine ... it was ... delicious! Bravo chefs!

Tonight the ILT crew is going "off-menu" - courtesy of Chef Gregory ... prawn curry, rice & roti ... should be good!

Song of the Day: Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue - Where the Wild Roses Grow 

 The lunch!
I am SO handsome!
 With lovely Maria
And lovely Rosalia
Cigar and whisky on my terrace!
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