Friday, 23 November 2012

Today I was bitten by a lion ...

Actually, to tell the truth, it was by a lion cub called Coco.

Today was just ... well ... almost perfect ...

Morning: Drove an hour to the Casela Nature and Leisure Park to meet with Graeme Bristow and his family - from Safari Adventures - who look after lions ... and offer people the chance to walk with lions and certain people to play with lion cubs ... as I did today!

These lions are bred in captivity BUT are still as strong ... and wild ... as you would expect.

The cubs well ... are just ... adorable! I have yet to meet anything in this world as cute as Coco (apart from beloved Moo, of course). I didn't mind her nipping at my arm, licking my hand and clawing at my shirt! Just GORGEOUS!

Afternoon: Golf with the General Manager - Todd Cilano. I had some great holes ... some good holes ... and some awful ones ...

Evening: Pizza and moscato  

Song of the Day: This Love - Maroon 5

Film of the Day: Rabbit-Proof Fence ... Dir: Philip Noyce

With Graeme

Hello Ginger!

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