Sunday, 22 July 2012

The official day of rest began with breakfast; tea & crumpets in the sunshine on the lawn ...

Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France - bravo ... and Adam Scott won The Open golf ... hold on ... he DIDN'T ... Ernie Els did! How did that happen?

I thought it was all over in the last 4 holes so decided to cut down a huge bush in the garden and mulch it. I wandered back to my desk an hour later and the Big Easy had done it! Bravo x 2! It was a great day for South African sport then ... the golf AND the cricket! I hope all my friends down in SA are dancing with joy!

I have a bottle of Ernie Els wine in my collection - it's not all that good but I will "open" (geddit?) tonight in his honour!

The day is going to end on the lawn again (mown by moi) ... with a glass of red wine ... a wee cigar ... and a smile ... wish you were here!

A busy week ahead I fear ...

Viva the 80s!

Song of the Day: Manic Monday - The Bangles

Missed by just an inch ... 

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