Friday, 13 July 2012

"Take me out to the ball game ..."

It's been quite a diverse day ... but I am writing this entry on Adelaide ... outside The Templar with a cigar and a glass of wine ... all I need is a Cocker Spaniel at my feet and life would be perfect!

It's quite humid and Toronto is coming alive! It IS a Friday night after all.

Up early and headed off to the Fairmont Royal York to cook some scallops with the Executive Chef - Collin Thornton. It's the oldest luxury hotel in the city (1929) and was once the tallest building in the Commonwealth ... now it's dwarfed by skyscrapers ... and the CN Tower.

Then we headed over to the Rogers Centre for the Toronto Blue Jays versus the Cleveland Indians. The baseball team here is in the only one that is part of the Eastern Division Major League Baseball - the only team from Canada to be in the American League ...

The team won the World Series in 1992/93 ... back to back winners which is quite rare ... I believe!

Anyway, we were given fabulous access to the players and ground ... and I met with Jose Bautista and JP Arencibia (a hitter and a catcher?) ... who are BIG! We discussed cricket and baseball ... ha!

Song of the Day: Walk of Life - Dire Straits

The BIG screen at the venue even lit up with ... 

In the dug-out ... waiting ...

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