Thursday, 5 July 2012

It's just coming up to 9 pm and the evening sun is streaming into my office.

It's quite warm and I am listening to that depressing fellow Morrissey ...

I have had some time to reflect on Costa Rica ... even though we ventured into the rainforest, I did not get bitten much by the mozzies ... which was fabulous!

I abseiled down a 100 metre rock, whitewater rafted, did some horseback riding through a jungle, caught TWO huge fish in the Pacific Ocean, played some awesome golf (the words of Tim) .. oh and did some zip-lining (see South Park episode ... ). Wow! I feel like a real adventurer.

Talking of adventure - has anyone watched John Carter? Edgar Rice Burrows (Tarzan) must be having a fit in heaven ... what a truly awful movie!

ANYWAY - my favourite memories of the past week revolve around rocking-chairs. I had two in my suite at El Silencio ... and - on a daily basis - made the most of the ones at the Spa at the Four Seasons. I have decided to source one for me ...

I can see it now - me, rocker, cigar, whisky and Pooch ... how old am I? Around 87 ... ha! 

Song of the Day: Suedehead - Morrissey

What a view!
Who needs a spa treatment? (I did have one actually!)
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