Monday, 16 July 2012

Home again! Yay!

Yesterday, the sun was shining, sky blue, it was around 28 degrees and I was smiling ... today, cloud, heavy rain (what sky!), and around 13 degrees ... but I am still smiling!

So - my last day in Canada was spent at Niagara On The Lake ... exploring one of the "prettiest towns in the country". It was also commemoration day of the 1812 War ... Canada versus the USA ... so the main streets were filled with reenacters ... all dressed and ready for war ... 1812 - style!

I even met the current Lord Mayor of the Town ... and the Lady Mayoress ... who were both "period dressed".

The highlight was a visit to the Peller Estate ... home of delicious ice-wine. With wine consultant Kevin Anderson, I supped white, red and sparkling ice-wines. So delicious, I brought 3 bottles home with me! Hic!

Song of the Day: Sweet Harmony - The Beloved

Lord Mayor Dave Eke
at (ye olde) Apothecary - for over 140 years - the local chemist! Murray Shantz was my guide ... opium and turmeric were all part of the treatments on offer!
"It's raining Tim, alleluia ..."
Here come the troops ... 

Kevin ...
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