Saturday, 14 July 2012

Greetings from Niagara-on-the-Lake ... which may give you a clue to where I have been today!

We left - sadly - The Templar this morning after yet another awesomely excellent breakfast.

It was a 1 hour 25 minute drive to THE Niagara Falls ... one of the "natural wonders of the world".

We filmed around the 'Falls ... both the American side (New York State) and the amazing Canadian side. There are actually 3 falls - at an average of 167 feet tall (51 metres). Between 4 - 6 MILLION cubic feet of water flows over the falls every minute. There are hydro-electric power stations on both sides of the river ... creating enough energy for 1/2 million homes.

We jumped into a Niagara Helicopter - piloted by Rene Huessy - and flew around the falls - SUPERB and then touched down at the Legend on the Niagara golf club. Here we played the course with Head Pro - Curtis Labelle. I did rather well ... I love golf!

Tomorrow is our last day in Ontario ...

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