Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Another gorgeous day here ...

Thankfully my house has a thatched roof - which means it's cool in summer and warm in winter ... I have been hiding in my office for most of the day with the Pooch ... she was defurred today so is now walking around with a spring in her step. She may be old, blind and toothless but she still acts like a puppy sometimes!

All good until I just read a news story about a wee 5-month old kitten (see below) who had her MOUTH glued shut by some evil ba***ards ... glue ... what kind of a world do we live in when a defenceless kitten can be attacked in this way by mindless idiots ... their parents must be so proud. It makes my blood boil.

If anyone EVER touched my 4-legged family - there would be serious hell to pay.

Thankfully, the lovely kitten is okay now ... and is being looked after by vets ...

Tune of the Day: Wallace & Gromit - Julian Nott

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