Tuesday, 24 July 2012

It's been a busy 24 hours.

Last night I watched the new Batman movie ... it was quite entertaining BUT I thought the ending was somewhat unremarkable. I did enjoy it ... but ... for me ... the Michael Keaton "Batman" with Jack Nicholson, the Prince soundtrack and Kim (grrr) Basinger will always be my favourite ...

Am still enjoying the mini-heatwave which is set to end on Sunday ... sadly ...

Olympics - sailing - maybe ... beach volleyball (ladies) - definitely!

I watched the sun set this evening - in the garden - with a small cigar and a large cider to hand ... a steam train even chugged close-by ... it was ... idyllic ...

You just can't beat a perfect summer sun-shiny day in the English countryside ... even the cows & the sheep in the neighbouring fields looked happy!

Song of the Day: Ramblin' Man - Lemon Jelly

(some of my sunsets of the year)

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