Sunday, 1 July 2012

"and the Award for Best Pizza in any hotel or resort worldwide goes to ... The Four Seasons, Costa Rica! Yay .... !"

Those who know me will be aware that my favourite "food group" is pizza ... and after devouring several hundred in hotels or resorts I am in the ideal position to judge the good from the bad ... today, I had THE best.

I awoke early to find the sun shining and the sky blue. The rain had FINALLY abated!

First up, the General Manager interview with the lovely Pascal Forotti. He's from Luxembourg and has been here for just over a year.

From there I headed down to the golf course ... not for golf (initially) but to meet with Jay Miller who runs the "Trail of Giants Tour" - a fascinating look at the Papagayo Peninsula through the wildlife that surrounds the golf course. It was thoroughly enjoyable ... and interesting. I met a few white-faced monkeys ... cute.

Then I actually played the course with the Director of Golf - Eric Pickering. We played three holes - Par 3, 4 and 5 ... AND I par'd all three holes ...! Whoohoo! The course is often voted as one of the finest resort courses in the world ... my advice is to go on The Trail first ... THEN play the course! It's so much more fun ...

Lunch was THE pizza ... I am still savouring the delicious flavours!

With the sun still shining, we headed to the beach to FINALLY film the "food piece" with Executive Sous Chef - Jonathan Sudar. We cooked a local dish - casado - which is made of beans, mahi mahi, rice, tortilla, tomato salad  ... all washed down with a Chilean pinot noir ... delicious!

Up early tomorrow.

Song of the Day: The Show Must Go On - Queen

With Pascal
With Jay
A man of great knowledge ...

With Eric
With Jonathan

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