Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The boys are out in Toronto filming the city in bright, warm sunshine ... I am stuck in my suite working ... hmmm ... there's something quite wrong there!

This morning, we sadly checked out of The Hazelton and headed out to the MIA - or Museum of Inuit Art. There are three groups of Aboriginal Canadians - First Nation, Metis and the Inuit. The Inuit can be found in Greenland, Russia and in the northern territories of Canada ... but some have more recently "moved south" to Ontario area...

They lived like the "Eskimo" ... in igloos ... in a rather harsh environment but still managed to express themselves in art - using soapstone, whale bone - and the more contemporary artists with pencil drawings. Tusk from walrus was fashioned into tools ...

The MIA (found in Queen's Quay Terminal) is the history of the Inuit through the art ... and with Alysa Procida, my guide, I was taken on a journey. Some of the art - especially the sculptures - are amazing ...

Tomorrow we film at The Templar - the boutique hotel I am now staying in.

At work
With Alysa
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