Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I had such high hopes for the day ... as when I awoke, the sun was shining brightly and the sky was that wonderful Summer-blue ... sadly, it didn't last and once again, it is pouring with rain, it's cold and the kitties have refused to leave their designated sofa and Moo her beanbag ...grrr

Today I have been playing catch-up and I am doing rather well ... have three scripts written, meetings conducted & completed and plans made for the next couple of weeks ...

Apparently, Summer arrives next week ... yeah - right!

I did receive an invitation to watch a preview of what is set to be "my" most exciting release of the year: "Samsara" - the sequel to Baraka ... (the greatest movie ever made!) ... oh yes - there IS Batman too ... hmm ... I feel a London double-movie-whammy coming on! Any takers ... ?

Random photos from Canada:
 "Tim, there's a tower growing out of your head!"
Guess who?
King Jack ... in one of his three outfits!
Worried Jack ... about to walk the CN Tower ...
Rogers Centre welcomes us!
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