Thursday, 31 May 2012

London in summer is lovely. London in winter is MISERABLE! Today, I am not sure what the capital is trying tell me ...

Have you ever woken up and thought, I need to live in a new country?

I kind of felt that this morning - but where would I go? Hmmm ... today I have spent the day with Oli and Ed in the editing suite looking at the Western Australia, Bavaria and Cyprus episodes.

All looking rather good ... all making me rather desperate to get on a plane ... guess what though, I am off to Morocco next week! Yipee!

So below are a few photos that I have found (out of the 5000!) which tell a story of kind ... Fun tonight ... London IS good for that!
 With Tim at the Royal Perth Yacht Club
 With Jane Dawson - Penguin Keeper - at ... Penguin Island, WA
 I am outside with the pooches and I don't really care! Dog is always better than man ...
 With Elena and Philipp at Trader Vic's at the Bayericherhof Hotel in Munich
 Mega me ... now just need a mini ...
 I still wear my lovely hat!
 That's me ... !
 Worst EVER dive ... Cyprus ... 
Wine helps!
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