Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Day 6 - Kruger National Park, South Africa

I have done some idiotic things for this show ... but have felt always felt "in control" ... today I had three experiences that will - I am sure - give me sleepless nights.

More on that later ...

I have been visiting The Royal Malewane for over a decade. It opened in 2000 with just 6 suites. Then The Royal Suite (2 bedrooms) was added and then The Malewane Suite (2 bedrooms too). In 2010, Africa House opened as a 6-bedroom residence.

RM is owned by Phil & Liz Biden - two of the nicest people you will ever meet!

I am staying in a 2-bedroom suite - 510 square metres - jacuzzi, 5-metre pool, private boma, wi-fi, 2 thatched gazebos with sun loungers, 4-poster beds ... and my own private views of the Bush. I have a private guide, tracker, chef & butler.

The RM is located on The Thornybush Game Park.

So - up early and a "drive up" ... the staff were all waiting for me - singing and dancing. I was greeted by Liz and my dear old friend Juan Pinto - the Head Ranger ...

From there my Suite review (lovely ... ) and a cooking piece with the General Manager/Executive Chef John Jackson.

Tomorrow I start my game drives ...

On the way back to my suite this afternoon, I sat outside my door and a female nyala come and licked my hand. It was amazing ...

So - later this afternoon we drove 45-minutes to Moholoholo - a wildlife rehabilitation centre ...

I - cuddled a baby honey badger called Athena, cuddled a baby rhino called Danni, fed two giant vultures (so, so, so, so, SO FRIGHTENING), met a caged WILD male leopard (so, so, so, so, SO, SO FRIGHTENING) ... cuddled THREE baby cheetah (so, so, so, so LOVELY) and was roared at by a male lion (so, so, so, so, FRIGHTENING) ...

Yes - it was amazing ... but ... hmmm ... I am still shaking ... up early tomorrow.

I have photos from all of the above but will drip feed ... especially the baby cheetahs ... SO CUTE!
With Danni
The Royal Malewane staff
With Liz
My ENORMOUS shower
John Jackson - a prawn & salmon salad - YUM!
It's a REAL snake ... (!)
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