Thursday, 10 May 2012

Hello loyal readers!
My name is Jack (or Roger the Cabin Boy as Varun has named me because I like to wear stripped T-Shirts...not a crime in my opinion) and I shall be sharing some of my experiences with you over the next 5 days. 
It’s not often that I get to write on this Blog, and so I will be making the most of it!
Firstly, lets begin by sharing a bit about myself so we can get to know each other a little better. I have three passions in life: photography, films, and travel. I’ve always loved taking photographs since I was a boy and that spiralled into love for motion pictures. If I was to summarise what I learnt at school, it would be how to pass exams, and this was neither fulfilling or inspiring. To separate myself from this perpetual cycle of being taught what to do and how to answer questions, I decided to focus my attention towards capturing photos of interesting people and places. I believe this stimulates questions and ideas, rather than insipidly answering them.
This passion took me to me to Film School, and last year I graduated with a first. Here I am now, travelling around the world and seeing some awe-inspiring places. I love what I do, and I love working with Varun and Tim. For this I am truly grateful.
2012 is the year I began with Inside Luxury Travel, and I want to share with you my favourite photograph(s) I've shot at each place we’ve been to:
1. Grand Cayman

1. Thailand

3. Western Australia 

4. Germany


5. Cyprus

Also, at the end of each day I will recommend a film that I think would be worth you watching.

Today's recommendation is Baraka - A collection of expertly photographed scenes.

Also, look out for Samsara, you can watch the trailer here

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