Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The last couple of days have been rather noisy. I realised that a large bird had got stuck in my chimney ... and could not fly up ... and was too afraid to fly down. My two cats also were on the prowl!

Calls to the RSPCA and RSPB (protection agencies) proved fruitless (not enough funding for emergency calls) so the future of this bird seemed b(l)eak. I could hear his friends outside calling for him ... with his replying ... it was pitiful.

It seemed that this bird was getting weaker and weaker by the hour trying to escape ... and I even climbed up the chimney to leave some water and a bowl of worms (from the garden) to keep his strength up.

This morning he was rather agitated ... and my vet suggested I put a mirror or shine a torch up the chimney to show the bird the way out! So - I spent two hours with my BlackBerry torch (better than the iPhone one! ha!) earning the bird's trust until FINALLY he came down! It then took another 20 minutes to capture him in a cloth bag and put him outside! Poor fellow was so dazed he didn't move for around 2 minutes - enough time for one of the stalking cats (Maisy - the small, cheeky one) to show a real interest!

I shooed the cat and the bird away and I happy to say that the bird is now back in a tree!

Last week in South Africa I had THE scariest moment of my decade of filming ... when I got inside a cage to feed vultures. It was like something out of Jurassic Park ... twenty or so adult, hungry vultures awaiting meat .. and me. I have never been so frightened ... NEVER again!

 It's NOT funny!
 Shoo shoo!
Scared ... but relieved!

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