Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I'm back!

Yes, I have had SIX whole days off ... and I have loved every minute of them.

The boys - if you remember - flew back to the UK from Cyprus ... and I decided to stay on ... at the excellent, superb, wonderful Anassa ... where I slept, swam, floated, boated, munched, slurped, sloshed ... and basically enjoyed what I try to sell on my shows ... "holidays".

The weather was fabulous ... only one rain shower ... and I am rather "darker" in complexion than usual.

My batteries are full recharged and tomorrow we leave for filming in South Africa - Johannesburg and a safari in the Kruger National Park.

"Thank you" to Jack for holding the fort and writing the Diary for the last few days.

Jack suffers from arachnophobia ... and on my last day in Cyprus, I was "visited" by this rather scary creature. I will own up to the fact that I did have to call the maintenance department to remove it ... I have no issues with tigers, lions, sharks and crazy women ... but spiders ... I am with Jack on that one!
It really was as big as it looks! Around 15 centrimetres in length ... and in my bathroom!
My kind of furry friend ...
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