Thursday, 17 May 2012

And we're off ... to Johannesburg ... with South African Airways ... which I actually rather like ... a lot.

I am VERY much looking forward ... and by that I mean I am very, very, VERY excited to be going on safari - after filming in J'burg - at - what I believe to be - the finest African safari lodge on the continent.

Tim is looking tired ... Jack - well - is Jack ... and I feel somewhat ... hmmm ... out of sorts.

Am I getting tired of all the travelling? Am I getting fed-up of waking up alone in some of the greatest hotels in the world? You know, if we film another series, I am going to invite a random viewer to come on a trip and he/she/it can write the Diary ... and share the strange life we lead ...
This is Tim & I being told off for taking a photo in the lounge ....
This is Tim & I celebrating with hard booze ... drinking the pains away!
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