Monday, 21 May 2012

Day 4 - Johannesburg, South Africa

What a bizarre day.

We were in the cab by 0500 (!) to get to the Harbeetspoort Dam for a sunrise hot air balloon ride but guess what ... ? It was cancelled when we got there! What a truly wasteful morning! Back at the hotel for 0900 - picked up a few shots and spent some quality time ... doing nothing!

In the afternoon we headed to Braamfontein, the Wits University and the Origins Centre. I met with my guide Brian Mogaki who took me through the museum. The centre is a journey over 80,000 years to almost modern day (1,000 years) ... starting off with the DNA that proves that ALL man originates from Africa, the Sen people ... rock art, tools that date back 2 MILLION years ... and how the skulls of man have changed from that of a monkey shape to the one that it is today ... I don't mean to sound confusing but it was a lot of information!

Tomorrow - I am off on safari ... I am SO excited!

And YES - last night I did dream of cheetah!

Alas poor Yorick - etc ...
2 million year old tools ...
Tim doing some work ...
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