Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Day 6 - Latsi, Cyprus

First up: Leica blog ... part 2: http://blog.leica-camera.com/photographers/blog-contributors/viva-varun-2/viva-varun-in-koh-samui/

It's been a looooooong day. We were up at 0600 to drive down to the fishing village of Latsi. After meeting Zorba the Fisherman (he likes to dance!) ... I hopped on a small 3 x 6 metre boat and headed onto the sea with Thanos Hotels Executive Chef Ashley Goddard to see what we could catch.

Two hours later - prawns, sea bream, red snapper, eels, dangerous fish with poisonous spines ... and fish with no names ... were pulled into 1 kilometre of nets. Impressive ...!
Tomorrow we will cook some of these tasty looking creatures! Yum! Hope it's sashimi ...

We then headed to the village of Panagia and the famous Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery. I met up with Thanos (owner of Anassa) and we explored the 12th & 18th century buildings with the Abbot - Dionysus ... (Greek God of Wine) ... who restores artifacts and makes wine! The icons in the chapel are simply stunning ... The monastery is 40 minutes drive from Anassa ...

Twenty minutes in the direction of the resort and we stopped at the Vasilikon Winery. Wine has been produced for 5000 years here on the island ... and even before - if the myths are to be believed.

Vasilikon is one of the best labels in the country and I did some wine-tasting with the only female wine-maker in Cyprus and fabulously named Aphrodite Constanti. The winery's rose and white is very good indeed ... Vasilikon was founded in 1993 and its production methods are as modern as those in California or New Zealand ...

Not much longer to go here in Cyprus ... sadly ...  

Abbot Dionysus and Thanos
Two hands - one mouth - a serious issue!
A friend I made at lunchtime 
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