Sunday, 8 April 2012

Reports of the early onset of old-age has been greatly exaggerated! I slept through the night and am suffering from NO jet-lag! How about that ....!

Happy Easter by the way (unless you are of the Orthodox Church - when you celebrate next week). I am trying my hardest to keep off the chocolate eggs ... and it's not easy!

I keep thinking back to my past week in WA. Apart from the bizarre weather patterns playing havoc on the schedule, it was a rather lovely experience. So I didn't get to swim with dolphins ... but I did get to cuddle "little penguins" ... met a quokka and out-stared a kangaroo! I tasted some fabulous wines, ate some superb cuisine (especially at Cape Lodge),  sat & walked on some incredible beaches and only got bitten once by a mosquito!

WA is not cheap ... with the current exchange rate ... visiting from Europe/UK/USA is painful. In Perth, three pizzas and three beers came to around £70 in a "local" restaurant. As you know, I love my pizza BUT for £70 I could fly to Rome for a margherita!

The Australians are generally a rather laid-back and friendly race. Most of Perth is from the UK and it seems that they have embraced the Aussie "niceness"!

I am sure over the next couple of days I will have flashbacks ...

JET-LAG ... ha!

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