Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Day 4 - Munich, Germany

Time to say a sad farewell to the Bayerischer Hof.

The sun was shining this morning as we hit the streets of Munchen and as we headed to the Augustiner Keller. They started producing beer in 1328 - making it the oldest independent brewery in Munich.

Beer is Munich's "liquid gold" and there is much competition to produce the best beers - in a straw poll of cab-drivers, 99% I asked said that Augustiner IS the best beer in town! Cab-drivers ALWAYS know best!

We meet up with the excellent Christian Vogler ... who took me on a tour of 4 fabulous beers! From the wheat beer with its "banana" aftertaste to the "luxury", strong Edelstoff ... they were all good... and got me slightly squiffy! Ha!

The brewery sells 1.8 million pints a year - only in Munich and surrounds ... as the beer is not for export - thereby keeping its high quality!

Oktoberfest by the way was started in 1810 when King Ludwig 1st married Princess Therese .. a HUGE street/beer party was announced which has carried on ever since. It has now been moved to September (for weather purposes) but the last weekend has to be in October ...

It was a hilarious morning.

To the hotel and an interview with the delightful, animal-loving owner Innegrit Volkhardt. Her foresight has made this property THE number 1 in Munich, if not Bavaria.

After another delicious lunch, it was a cooking lesson on the kitchen of 1-Michelin starred restaurant in the hotel - Atelier.

Chef Steffen Mezger taught me how to prepare a fresh trout and parsley dish with a consomme ... it was quite tasty and was complimented with a cheeky little Reisling from Donnhoff (the top Reisling producer in Germany?) - powerful, fruity and sweet ...

OK - off we go ... more of Bavaria awaits us ... and maybe a wee bit of Austria too ...

With Christian ... great jacket!
Beery faces!
Chef Steffen
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