Thursday, 19 April 2012

Day 6 - Aschau im Chiemgau, Germany

"some were born to cook, some were born to eat" ... I am the latter!

A new day ... a new mood ... and certainly a much better one than yesterday!

Awoke as the sun rose over the Alps ... I could see blue sky, snow-capped mountains and the air was as fresh as newly washed laundry.

After a quick breakfast, we headed down to the wine cellar where the hotel keeps its 1000+ different labels. With the fabulous "Restaurant Director" and sommelier, Fabrice Kieffer, we sampled first a grappa (only 300 bottles of this particular vintage were ever produced), before going onto an excellent German Pinot Noir ... ending on a Reisling.

So - I was in a semi-state of inebriation by the time I finally hit the kitchen of the legendary Heinz Winkler. He has held so many Michelin stars over the years and is regarded as one of the finest chefs in Europe.

Indeed, since being here, I have had FOUR Michelin meals and I feel like a right piglet! I have at least TWO to go ... maybe more ... eek.

So - Chef Winkler ... well ... he's a lovely fellow ... and has a fabulous sense of humour. We made three dishes together - a) crayfish from the local lake b) duck (yummy) and c) "rhubarb in many ways" ... all quite stunning.

Tim was born to cook and he says that this is THE finest cuisine he has ever tasted ...

The weather has been quite delightful today ... I am now going to sit in the sun with a glass of champagne and a cigar! Wish you were here ...  
With Chef Winkler ... and our bottle of Heinz!
With Fabrice
"The" grappa
With a crayfish - yummy!

The Castle on the Hill
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