Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Day 5 - Aschau im Chiemgau, Germany

Greetings from the Residenz Heinz Winkler - home to one of the greatest chefs in Germany.

I have been "a grumpy toad today" (so says Tim) ... for what reason I am not sure. But after the next filming trip, I am going on holiday for a few days ... a pile of cigars, a tub of books and a box of Ligne St Barth sun-cream will be my only companions! Ha! Can't wait ... now to find a destination ...

So, I am here at the foot of the Chiemgau Alps ... it's chilly, bright and gorgeous. The air is as fresh as can be ... the views are stunning and (despite the mood) I feel like an over-excited tiger.

The "Residenz" has been used as a hotel since 1405 but in 1991 was taken over by Chef Winkler to house his multi-multi-award-winning restaurant.

There are just 33 rooms here ... and my suite is VERY homely ... and VERY different to the one in Munich.

Close-by is Lake Chiemsee - home to the amazing Royal Palace - built by King Ludwig II (the "crazy" one).

The interior of the hotel was designed by Chef ... and is meant to resemble an Italian villa. It does.

There's a Davidoff cigar room (yay) ... and a Spa with pool and treatment rooms ...

We are 80 kilometres south-east of Munich ... and just 15 kilometres from Austria.

Today was about filming the hotel, village and surrounds ... tomorrow I cook with the great man! We have been here just 24 hours but already have a few "stars" under our belts ... I need to exercise!

With Chef Heinz Winkler ... the new member of the ILT Team
The Chiemgau Mountains
In front of the Bavarian Church
Chef collects very expensive wristwatches
I collect cigars
The view from my suite
In the courtyard - Italian-style ... with the Kampen Wand mountain in the background
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