Tuesday, 11 September 2012

When is it okay for a man to cry?

In my world ...

a) pride: watching any kind of Paralympic sport - because it is TRULY, TRULY inspirational

b) anger: when I read stories of people (well... scum) mistreating children, the elderly and animals (too much in the news today)

c) sad: when watching Bambi (no, I didn't have time to watch today but just the thought ...) ... oh and Mother India ... boohoo ... 

d) laughter: The Simpsons and Hurundi V Bakshi (!) ... 

d) happiness: remembering my time cuddling elephants in Thailand ... and when watching Andy Murray win the US Open. For so long, the UK has produced has-beens in tennis ... finally a true champion ... and it was AMAZING!

I feel 100% better today - thank you ... as does James (see yesterday) who sent me a photo of his much repaired hand that was ... shall we say ... mangled.

Song of the Day: The Goonies r' Good Enough - Cyndi Lauper

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