Saturday, 8 September 2012

I love giving gifts FAR more than receiving them.

At Xmas I get sent oodles of toiletries, gift baskets and bath robes (yes, bath robes!) ... which invariably are distributed among friends n' family. In fact, I have a box of toiletries called "The Box" and anyone who comes to my home is allowed to pluck three items from it ... even the postman. On Friday, the electricity-meter-reading man - who had forgotten his wife's birthday - took four items ... which I duly wrapped for him! Really ...

Gifts I like and appreciate (to send and receive) - alcohol ... and cigars ... gifts that make me feel ill (to receive) - SARDINE CHOCOLATE! The very name ... ugh! Thanks Nana ...

Another strange day ... where is my life going?

Song of the Day (in fact Song of the Month) - Bad Religion - Frank Ocean

 Sardine chocolate - WRONG IN EVERY WAY - AWFUL (to give or receive)
 Winston Churchill's (awful man) favourite brandy. Good choice. AWESOME GIFT (to give and receive)
Davidoff White Edition - AWESOME GIFT (to give or receive)

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