Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The NEW series of Inside Luxury Travel starts airing TONIGHT on Travel Channel (& Travel Channel+1) in Europe (not UK) /Middle East/Africa - 1900hrs CET - and tonight we're in Western Australia. We visit Perth and Margaret River ...

Yes - we are back on air - with the NEW series! So exciting! The UK starts airing on Friday ...

So today was shopping! Fashion & shopping to be exact!

First stop - Eric Raisina - one of Cambodia's leading fashion designers who uses silk as his staple. He was born in Madagascar ... moved to Paris ... then here. He uses Golden Silk and all other local silk to produce (all in-house) lovely pieces.

From there I met up with Christian (GM from Raffles) and we headed to Artisans Angkor ... the main boutique and the workshops where they carve amazing sandstone statues, work with wood, silver and lacquer. AA even helped restore Angkor Wat ... We met the CEO of AA - Alain Brun - nice fellow who is instrumental in taking untrained people from the villages, training them and giving them great jobs ... 

Song of the Day: Teenage Dreams - Katy Perry

 Wish You Were Here!
 With Eric's muse - Srey Pove
 The serious side of fashion - Srey and Eric ... and - erm ... me!

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