Sunday, 30 September 2012

My last day in Hoi An ... and the Lord Buddha listened to our prayers ... NO RAIN!

So - up early and my reward was that I received my sidecar tour of Hoi An. First through the shrimp (prawn) farms, then the rice paddy fields and finally at The Japanese Bridge ... which was built by the founders of the town - the Japanese - in the 16th century.

My "driver" was Claude - the GM of the hotel - who is a HUGE motorcycle enthusiast. There is a great story behind his 11 bikes here ... bought from the local police as "spare parts" and assembled by him & his team ... the tours he offers are amazing ... including a 2000 km jaunt to Angkor Wat ... how tempted am I???

SO - finally - Mister Tran from Dong Silk swung by to deliver my new jacket ... you can judge the result. All in all - a great day and a great stay!

Song of the Day: Wallace & Gromit - Julian Nott

More cheese Gromit?

My bathroom! Deep granite bath with jacuzzi jets!
The jacket!
Mister Tran and Monsieur Claude ...
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