Tuesday, 15 November 2011

So have just had reconfirmation that Inside Luxury Travel is ALSO set to air in 2012 in Japan and mainland China from 2012 ... this is wonderful news as Japan - especially - is one of the toughest markets to break into! This hopefully means that I can get to visit this wonderful country in early 2012, drink sake and eat loads of yakatori!

I am quite tired - as I got home in the early hours of the day. I have been playing catch up ever since ...

I am VERY excited that I will be in Hong Kong this week. Only for two nights ... with further two nights stuck on a plane BUT hey, what fun! This really is a crazy travel schedule ...

My recent trip to LA was quite instructive. I have a new "Yoda" ... my new friend Lauren  aka DeadMouse ... is a whizz at all things computerish and I am hoping that the way I use Twitter and Facebook ... and indeed websites ... will be much more effective in the future ...!

p.s. http://www.varunsharmasculinarytravels.com/ - tell me what you think!

My favourite photo from the past couple of days - the team at work! Making poncha. I am STILL drunk!
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