Saturday, 12 November 2011

Greetings from Casa Branca ... still here in Funchal, Madeira ...

It was a sad farewell to Casa Velha do Palheiro ... the staff there - especially Luis - have just been so wonderful ...

Anyway - first stop the Mercado dos Lavradores - Farmer's Market - which is where the people of Funchal come to shop. Everything fresh & edible is sold here ... plus souvenirs. In the fish market I came across the scabbard - which is found in only certain parts of the world - and is certainly the ugliest and scariest fish in the sea. Ugh ..

From there we visited the Quintinha Soa Joao where we met with the owner Andre Barreto. He took us to the barbecue area where Chef Jose Mendoza was ready to show me how to prepare fried "scabbard livers & roe" ... and chicken curry in a Goan style. The first dish is a Madeiran delicacy ... and was ... different and the chicken curry was delicious.

On the way to Casa Branca, we headed to the oldest Quinta in Funchal - the Bela Vista where I had a local rum masterclass from Hilario Freitas. It was another boozy end to the day!
 Tim & I in a staring competition over a slug ...
 With Maria Da Luz from Mercado dos Lavradores (Farmer's Market)
 Scabbard fish - the UGLIEST fish in the world
 With chef Jose Mendoza at Quintinha Sao Joao

With Hilario Freitas at Quinta da Bela Vista
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